Asset Management And Customer Service

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Customers today are more informed and more connected than they have ever been. Henceforth an organization who deals with wealth and assets management needs to ensure that they understand these changing customer expectations and needs.

Customer centricity:

Customer centricity means taking the asset out of the center of our business and replacing it with the customer.

Customer-centric is a way of doing business with your customer in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits.

At the strategic decision-making end of the business, it’s about integrating the ‘voice of the customer’ into decision making.

Customer behavior and organizational objectives:

Companies should congruent their goals with customer behaviors. This will lead to clients retention and enhances customer satisfaction level.

Technology and asset management:

Efficient use of technology can help asset management firms as they seek to better serve clients.

Client experience is important:

Clients feedback matters. There should be resolutions if discrepancies arise, formal apology whereas I suggest listening is incumbent!

Humbly listen to their issues, adjust them wherever possible and ensure them that these will never repeat.

Commitment to client satisfaction:

Companies should design surveys to learn crucial input directly from our clients to help us gauge how well we are meeting their needs. The negative feedbacks should be focused and strategies should be in to develop to bring reduced satisfaction to an acceptable level.

There should be a clear measurement of organizations performance through our clients’ eyes and resource utilization should also be reviewed.

The review from all the client’s feedback should not be overlooked, organizations should benchmark it against past, current and future data, and develop a strategic roadmap for continually reinforcing a culture of exceptional client service. KPIs should be in place as well to make sure that errors are reduced and repetitive mistakes have no place.


The survey measures overall satisfaction by examining eight key factors. Attributes including investment capabilities, wealth manager service, strategic partnership, and communication are the strongest drivers of satisfaction.

Organizations future goal should be to know about problems before our customers do. The core missions of asset managers should bear in mind that the biggest asset to manage is customers, their satisfaction.

They should be heard, organizations should clearly communicate with them through formal chains of communication. A happy client brings more profit to the organization and should be dealt with very sensitivity and professionalism.

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